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CUSTOM BUILDS Taking a historic vehicle and transforming it into something completely unique is the ultimate form of self-expression. 1945 will take your vision and make them a reality. Don't know exactly what you want? We'll work with you to create something beyond your imagination.


Our expertise in hot rods and resto-mods from all eras is unmatched. Anything from a period-correct American hot rod, to modern-day imports and European cars, we have all the resources to make your build possible. "Customization" may range from simply adding power brakes to a car for better drivability, to completely innovating how a car looks, drives, and sounds.


Do we do "LS swaps?" Sure do. Drum brake conversions to big brake kits? Absolutely. Set an appointment and we'll work with you to develop a plan that brings your car to life.


Don't have a vehicle to start with? Good! Let's us help you find the right one - perhaps the best way to control your total project cost is to start with the right vehicle.

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