Whether you are looking for a "juice" brake upgrade on your '31 Model A or a full LS swap in your '68 Camaro, 1945 has the abilities and skill to execute and complete any mechanically oriented task with ease and perfection.


Most projects are "full-builds" from engines and transmission upgrades, suspension and steering, to wiring, exhaust, wheels and tires.

We are sure there is no part of a vehicle's mechanics that we can't repair, restore, or customize - from any era or make.

Worker Carrying Asbestos Board
Removing Asbestos Roofing

As a custom shop, we've completed some amazing paint work that truly stands out, but we also have the full ability to imitate factory original paint jobs - and we do so on a regular basis. We have some of the best talent nationwide working furiously everyday to complete some of the best paint and body work in the world. 

Most builds consist of full-bodywork and entire paint jobs, but we are are also capable of repairing previous work and blending new paint into existing.

Candy paint, custom pin striping, full livery and anything else to adorn your vehicle, we can do it.



Sometimes there are certain parts for a car that are just not available anymore in reproduction form. When this occurs, the only choice is to recreate that part on our own. Thanks to our expert crew of fabricators, we can make just about anything.

Whether it involves the english wheel, the bead roller, the mig or tig welder, or just a simple hammer and dolly, 1945's knowledge and expertise will make any metal fabrication work look effortless. We're sure of it.

Restorer Using Scalpel
Restorer Using Scalpel


Often times we are approached by a client who desires something custom built but is unsure what they'd like to do. On the other hand, we have clients approach us with straightforward conceptualizations in their head and are looking for help to make it reality. Whatever the case, 1945's expertise in custom design will help you through the planning process to make your ideas and abstractions for your build a reality. When given the go-ahead, we have the potential to make something truly unique that we are sure will meet your satisfaction.

We’re the Customization & Restoration Service for you.